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Why guys won’t "go down" for girls April 22, 2008

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Read this from the Nov 07 issue of CLEO.


They surveyed guys regarding why they don’t want to -ahem- “go down south” for girls. The 2 most frequently quoted reasons were:



1. Girls’ vaginas smells funny/bad

And the editor’s solution? “There’s nothing feminine wash cannot help.” Ohhhh…… So we have to sterilise our vaginas so that you guys will be willing to please us? Like, as if guys’ dicks smell like roses.


If you think about it, when we girls pee, at least we wipe right? What about guys?! They just, like, fling it a little and then stick in back into their underwear. And let’s not forget that its a known fact that most guys have poorer hygiene practices than girls. But do we complain about smelly dicks?!?!



2. Hairy vaginas turn them off

And the editor’s brilliant advice is…… Get a Brazillian wax. Like, wow….. I didn’t even think of that. What a brilliant idea!!! -_-||


I am absolutely positive by now that the editor is a GUY. Like, hello?! A Brazillian wax is like freaking painful can?!?


And why must us girls get a wax when guys are even more hairy than us??? So girls must be cleanly shaven to be hygienic while guys’ abundance of hair represents their masculinity?



In conclusion, I think the whole article is plain bullshit and just another mean for guys to extend their chauvinistic and sexist tyranny over us. So you know what?! Big deal! Us girls don’t need guys to approve of us. If it is really such a bother for guys to please us, then by all means don’t. Don’t submit yourselves to such a compromising position just to make us happy.


But, obviously, you know what this means for you guys in return right?


16 Responses to “Why guys won’t "go down" for girls”

  1. nocturne Says:

    it’s a survey, you clearly stated,
    the editor is not to blame,
    if the result is not as you contemplated
    with a feministic claim

    we know what this means, “in return,”
    it’s as simple as can be,
    when the feminists shout, we’ve learnt,
    to find an easier girl to see.

  2. Jerrick Says:

    Yes I am a guy, And yes I’ve limited experience in such things, but one thing’s for certain, there is NOTHING that a little communication cannot help when it comes to such things. I didn’t stop… going there because i didn’t like it. I stopped going there coz she never arrived there… she should’ve just told me to try other things as well, because as much as she liked it, working towards the Big-O and arriving was one of my goals.

    And allow me to defend the Men, yes we’re asking for women to sacrifice, but we never said anything about the girl asking the same of us… That’s the whole premise of such places that offer such couples “grooming services”. I think its easy to place ALL the blame on a guy when all this can be resolved by a simple question. Afterall, one can just say, if you’re not a cunning linguist, then I won’t return the favour, simple as that.

  3. Min Says:

    nocturne: so your solution is to find an “easier girl”? and by that, i suppose you mean a girl who has no opinions or any assertion on her own rights as a female? or do you mean paid girls? o_O

    jerrick: haha i’d like to know what “sacrifices” men has made for us, ladies. and i don’t think the natural reaction of a guy would be “OK” when asked to go for grooming sessions. and i’m not saying that every girl doesn’t want to shave or wax or whatsoever. my point is just that – if we want to do it, we want to do it for ourselves (i.e aesthetic, hygiene), not coz we want to make it more “pleasing to the eye/ mouth/ nose/ whatever” for guys! so why shld guys impose such a “rule” on us to conform to just so they can be happier?

  4. nocturne Says:

    you asked what we liked,
    and we told you as much,
    yet you picked up a fight,
    cos you didn’t like such.

    the “rights as a female,” you gladly proclaim,
    seem to negate our rights, to the very same.
    so you have opinions, but we’re not allowed,
    to like what we like, to scream while you shout?

    an easier girl doesn’t have to be paid,
    she can have opinions, her loves and her hates,
    in fact an easier girl, isn’t that hard to find,
    she just has to have, a slightly more open mind

    some girls like to please, shocking, it’s true,
    because that’s how you get, us to please you

    (almost a sonnet, but too much work, make do lah)

  5. Min Says:

    1. i’m not picking a fight. like every blogger, i believe i’m expressing my opinions. its just that… our opinions clash.

    2. true, there are girls who like to please guys. and there are also guys who just like to please girls. but why can’t we please each other without making unreasonable one-sided demands on the other? we don’t demand that guys shave or sterilise their dicks right? and do guys voluntarily do such things to please the girls?

    3. you talk about your rights as a man.. what’s that? the right to demand shaven nice-smelling vaginas? then i believe the right of a woman would be to demand likewise. but do we? nooooooo………

    4. an easier girl might be eager to please. but wouldn’t it be nicer if she could have her guy without having to “package” herself and be more presentable down there better to attract guys?

    i don’t know.. maybe i am a female chauvinist. but hey! you guys have your rights to marry more docile china/vietnam brides. no one can negate you or rob you of that. =)

  6. Minky Says:

    I trim, and I expect the same for women. Considering that the penis is an appendage, you don’t really need a bald sack or cock for a woman to give a decent blowjob. The same cannot be said for a hairy muff, which is also much easier to shave/wax/insert other means of grooming as compared to cock and balls. Seriously, start dating mature guys who have a balanced view of things. If your boyfriend is unwilling to reciprocate with regards to oral sex, then you’re better off dating a sex toy – at least you’ll be deriving pleasure from it. Same thing with smelly cooches and dicks, a little wash will do away with most of these problems, unless it’s something to do with one’s diet. If both sides are interested in each other’s pleasure, there shouldn’t be any reason why these problems crop up.

    • CanadianMale Says:

      Sorry here Minky, from your comments I believe you have a little pinky. It is not that easy for women to groom at all. I shave and keep myself very very clean around my male area. If you do not want to nor just “trim” then that is your choice. There was a comment made above that proves that women do not keep shaven down around their area for us men. Because women even when single, and not sexually active still shave, and keep very clean. You need to take your tiny little dick and shove it up your fudge nugget filled asshole. It is much much easier for men to shave, if we cut or nick our balls, they heal much much faster then a womens labia majora. Or there clitoris, if you care to know about the female anatomy then you would know this.
      Have a good one!

  7. Min Says:

    erm, i dun believe i made any personal reference to my own life in my blog entry. so please dun assume i am sexually dissatisfied or whatsoever. what i wrote is pertaining to the cleo article and that’s that.

  8. Seriously, this whole article is a hoax as MOST normal guys – beginning at the age of 14 – absolutely FANTASIZE about going down on an attractive girl/woman — shaved or unshaved.

    If men/boys won’t voluntarily “go south” well then — you might blame the trendy women’s lib (anti-hygiene movement) of the 1960’s (very popular in Europe I hear)

    The natural taste of a well groomed female is nearly identical to making out – seriously (hair or none (-:

  9. John Says:

    Sounds like you really have issues Min. Im not suprised you do as your ‘I dont have to do anything’ attitude speaks volumes. Instead of the world revolving around yourself and your feminist ways, maybe a guys wouldnt want to please you. You would still moan about it anyway because thats what you do. Maybe if you realise things go both ways (and yes that includes communication) you might get somewhere in life.

    • CanadianMale Says:

      She is not a feminist she is a woman that is voicing the truth in this world. I am an active pleasure giver of my wife, I love going down around her area, absolutely love it. You are one that needs to get your views straight and not take out your unbacked up views on women, and start changing your ways.

  10. Min Says:

    ok I don’t get why everyone is getting so worked up over this..

    @John – First and foremost, I take it as a compliment that you refer to me as a feminist. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve done much in terms of fighting for gender equality to be given that title. And I don’t see why you’d think using the word “feminist” would anger or provoke me. Perhaps you need the dictionary. Or you need to get out of your house more often.

    Secondly, I’ve never said I don’t do anything. I’ve never said I don’t believe in pleasing guys. Obviously I strongly believe that things should go both ways! Why else would I object to what is written in the article? But as the writer of the article has written (him/her, not me), there are men who don’t. So I’m merely commenting on his/her findings. Which part of this do you deduce that I don’t believe in things going both ways? Perhaps you need to step beyond your front porch and go to SCHOOL for proper English education.

    @Canadian Male – I’ve received your email (which is why I am even visiting my own blog. Its rather inactive, as you can see). Erm.. Thanks for your support? Would appreciate it if you could do without the obscenities.

  11. Gender Says:

    A few things need to be cleared up.

    1. “Min” is not a Feminist because she is expressing equality.Actually how about you look at it this way.The main movement and ideas of Feminists is to promote EQUALITY.To change the sick ways of the oppression Men have brought down on Women for thousands of years.If you were to call Min a Feminist, and negatively label her a Feminist for protecting equality,you need some serious attitude adjustments.By putting forth such negativity towards a Feminist or the thought of Feminism in general,you are reflecting that you do not like the idea,in turn you do not like the idea of Women speaking their minds,or defending their rights.You prefer Women to be hushed,to shut up and sit pretty, etc. Just another way of making Men “feel” superior to Women,which in fact YOU are not.A Feminist is looked upon in society to be “lower” than a person who is labelled a Racist,and thats a fact.Why is this?because Men do not like Women uncovering the hellish treatment that has been going on for centuries and putting an end to it,in turn..putting an end to your supposed power.

    2.For all of the Males who have read,and commented on this Blog.Why are you here?I have tested it myself,the only way you can end up on this page is by certain keywords.Perhaps you are feeling a little guilty about not going down on your Woman?Or perhaps it is to stumble upon new EXCUSES why you refuse to go down South on a Female.Hhhhmmm I believe its the second School of thought for most of you.

    Nocturne: “Find an easier Girl”? You mean you will find an easier Female to get down on her knees and give you a blow job and not ask for a “return favour”.There are many,many Girls like this,and I do say Girls,because Women are grown Girls who have developed reasoning and self respect along the way.These girls have a low self esteem, and low amount of respect for themselves as a person.This begins in Junior high when boys relate girls to “the enemy” Girls have their groups and boys have their groups and are basically separated from eachother in a social manner in Society.By the time they reach Junior high,the only positive “attention” or minding girls get from boys is in a sexual way of looking at them.Most boys at this age only desire to mingle,befriend,or have interest in Girls who have the biggest breasts,the tightest clothes..etc.The only minding Girls get from Boys is Sexual attention.Girls want acceptance from Boys in an innocent manner.The only acceptance offered from Boys at this time through until they learn to treat girls like a human being,is Sexual acceptance.The girl with the frizzly hair and the glasses will only get hurtful remarks from a boy,but the girl with the bigger boobs,and form fitted clothes gets acceptance from boys.And this is where the low self respect begins.If one were to look at the categories of porn sites,you would see on nearly every site their are Blow Job categories. Do you EVER see eating out,or Cunninglingus Categories? No..if ever,rarely.Blow Jobs are so ingrained in Societal ways of today…It’s not even about sex anymore,its all about the Blow Jobs,and how to get one.The film Super Bad is a disgusting piece of evidence that injects this thinking in the young minds of today.American Pie is another..I can list and list the Movies,and Media that presents these ideas,you get the point.Lets face it,most Men do not like equality,they hate the fact of Feminism,which promotes actions of equality between the sexes.Men like to feel superior.Its all take and no give.

    Christina Aguilera’s “can’t hold us down” is a very good example of reality.For a good portion of Men out there,especially young Men(Boys) buy a Girl a gift,he expects a Blow Job.If a Girl washes your dirty clothes,or gets your Car a tune up,do we expect you to go down..No.That thought is never even toyed with.The males that disagree with the above article and Blog are only defending their SELFISHNESS.There are countless excuses as to why a Male will not go down on a Woman,or if they do,look at it as a favour, a chore..a Birthday present.

  12. Jasmine Says:

    I found this really interesting since I was just searching on google why guys don’t like to go down on girls.
    My boyfriend and I have been dating for a couple of months now and we have fun “playing” (as we call it).
    I want to stay a virgin until marriage so we just fool around since I’m a very frisky kind of girl and I enjoy pleasing him.
    But we got into the subject of oral sex since I accidentally licked his penis (I was licking his lower waist to arose him and whoops, there was the tip of his penis).
    He went nuts, which made me laughed, and gave hints that he wanted me to continue.
    I said I wouldn’t do it unless he went down on me. I like to toy with him but I like to get a reward back, you know.
    But he said he didn’t want to because he thought the wetness and juices on his tongue would be weird (aka gross).
    I know, it sounds like he’s 5 but he’s 18.
    Any thoughts/advice? I really don’t mind not having oral sex but this complaint of his really got under my skin; especially since I keep everything nice and clean down there. I’m just wondering: What’s up?

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